is anyone else head over heels for the new celine tote?
so chic and lux + even alexa has one.
could this end up becoming an iconic/classic handbag, perhaps even the next birkin?
either way i know it's on my lifetime wishlist.
src. celine and tfs


marie said...

it could easily become a birkin...it has the perfect classic/lady-like shape. the red one is gorgeous <3

Stephanie said...

I could TOTALLY go for one of these!!!
i think it's better than a birkin...Celine has a little more edge...i mean, the birkin has become to "popular" that it's nice to see a great alternative, that's just as structured, classy and from such a great designer. that isn't a birkin.
am i making ANY sense lol!

anyways, i could go for it in an oak shade or that red! wow!


hélène said...

I'm in love with everything celine, not just the bags! I would take anything from them any day. And yes, that bag is outstanding! I definitely see what you mean about achieving Birkin status, but i think that the Birkin is actually quite untouchable.. it's just in a category all on its own, ya know? The fact that it's been around for so long is a testament to that, i believe. It's next level.