club monaco fall/winter 2010

my picks from the club monaco fall 2010 lookbook.
so many gorgeous pieces. i love the thick cable knit cardigan, the amazing ruched dress on pamela love, all the velvet pieces, the lace shorts and all the incredible coats. so lush and wearable, i need to start saving now. thanks to stephanie for the heads up.


Liv said...

I'm in love! I need that cardigan and sequin tank and those lace shorts are too cute!

And about the skinny cargos: I've had to reject many a cute and affordable pair due to an ill-conceived, too-tight seam running horizontally across the thigh, emphasizing the "cheech" and ruining an otherwise perfect alternative to the 300$ J Brands. Why do they do that?!


ariane said...

gorgeous!! love every piece!


marie said...

really awesome peices. I didn't even recognize Pamela Love...that dress is really pretty. and those lace shorts are amazing! <3

Stephanie said...

omg CM i DIE!!! they are my fave "everyday" retail store i think. and is it just me, or are they getting better and better?!
i am in love with the third look you posted: the velour button down and the silk jodhpurs?! J'adore!!!!
and the leopard coat and the camel coat...adn did you see the leather camel skirt?! LOVE that but i don't know if it will have a good fit for me or not. i kinda have a hit or miss exp. with leather skirts and the waistline.

hope you're well, lady!
just found out my sister in law is pregnant :) im gonna be an aunt...now if only i could find a man one of these days lol!


Anonymous said...

Ohh so so many things I want from just getting a glimpse of this lookbook!

The faux leopard print coat is simply divine, such a perfect length and I love the lilac chiffon dress underneath the grey coat. Has a wonderfully romantic look to it.



a girl of organized chaos said...


I love your blog, you're so inspriring to me...(love these peices by the way!!)

Im also a citizen of Canada and really appreciate seeing a fellow canadian in the fashion blogging comunity. I just started a blog today and would really love it if you check it out sometime once it's up and running with actual posts.

thanks so much,


Bianca said...

such lovely clothing items!


Marielle* said...

Wow great items, i wish i had enough money at moments like this :D

i really love the cardigan at the 1st picture and the army/blazer/jackets too!!

please follow me at cirquedamour.blogspot.com, thank you! ♥

Hélène Heath said...

I am DYING over this collection!!! I want every single piece and the way they style everything just looks so perfect and exactly what i want to be wearing once the mercury drops... And i'm usually not a flats person, but these pointy velvet flats are so fantastic. The lace shorts! The feathered skirt! The giant cable knit! The animal print coat!
drooool hhehe

Hope all is well and that you'Re enjoying the summer my dear :)

Fashion By He said...

great collection!! love the blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


J said...

awesome collection, but unfortunately warmer clothes is needed right now

2moss said...

another gorgeous store we don't have here in europe :(
if we had, i'd get those pointed toe flats(?) right away!

J. said...

The sequin tank is stunning, and so are the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Oh I need everything in this collection for winter. Especially that cable knit cardigan and the tan, navy collared jacket.
I know, Gossip Girl can be saved, it has to be. I like the added authenticity of French girls aswell, Clemence and Lou will really add to it.

Unknown said...

I love the flats! In my favorite colour; pink. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to go huntin!

Lin and Haily said...

every piece is so gorgeous. im lovin those washed out colors


emily said...

oh i love it! it's the perfect mix of laid-back and luxe.

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Unknown said...

the socks! i bet they're soft and umm i want the flats and im a girl who needs HEIGHT