current fashion obsession 09.07.10

i've been obsessed with stubbs and wotton for such a long time. the idea of these bespoke slippers as flats is such a tongue and cheek way to prep up an outfit. there are so many different colour combinations when you consider the velvet and the trim, plus the embroidery options are almost endless. sure you can go with the typical monogram but i prefer to pick one of their fantastic images. pirate skulls, flowers, dogs, peace and dollar signs, sea creatures and broken hearts are just some of choices. at the moment i'm loving the anchors and of course the sailor jerry swallows. now if only they didn't cost $450. i guess you got to pay to enter the s&w club. what combination would you all choose?


Mumbles said...

how are you doing?
those shoes look awesome
I've been looking for something like that for ages, so simple and comfortable but so pretty at the same time
it's a shame they're 450$


Stephanie said...

and i thought my best friend's need for Frette slippers for her boyfriend was precious lol!! LOVE these! and upon second glance i see that my torn out page from a last year's vogue feat. Harley Viera Newton and a monogrammed banner at the bottom with monogrammed items as the subject features your Stubbs and Wootton slippers...well not this exact model but an initialed pair for $900...does this comment make any sense LOL!

I think i would save and splurge on these eventually!! they are amazing!!!

Hope you're well lady xx