i'm not missing...

hey guys i know i've been pretty m.i.a. lately and there really is no excuse. i've been doing true north style since late 2007 and sometimes i just need a break from the blogging world. i will be back at full force soon, so i hope you all stay with me. i truly appreciate all my lovelies and all your support.


Liv said...

Everyone needs a break now and then, nobody likes to feel like they're doing something half assed, ya gotta use your whole ass! Don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back! :-)


Michelle Elaine said...

miss you! i feel like i need a break too, but from work not from blogging - ha!


Lee Oliveira said...

love you ray bans..

Stephanie said...

LOVE your shades!!!!!! i need a pair like those! and i KNOW how you feel-- summertime is SO damn hard to blog...it's kinda like Jan/Feb for me...just an inspiration lull plus there's so much to do and good weather to take in int the summertime...so it's harder! i think we're all in the same boat ;) and i LOVE ll of these shots of you!! your a photobooth stunner! xx

leflassh. said...

love all these photos, so so cute.
about the sportsgirl heels, i haven't seen them in person yet so i am not too sure but all the shoes i have gotten from there before have been good quality if that helps lol they actually look awesome i haven't even seen them before.

Kara said...

enjoy your break girl! hope you're having a good summer :)


becc said...

I've only just discovered your blog so I hope you keep going!


hélène said...

You look adorable! And your hair bloody fantastic! Missing your presence, but totally am feeling your vibe :)

Screamyourfeelingsout. said...

I will follow your blog because is awesome!
Will you follow me too?

All the best, Valerie