alexa chung for madewell

hitting the madewell site early this morning (3am early) still didn't snag me an alexa chung for madewell bat graphic t-shirt dress, grrr. i did purchase the betty tee dress in cream and two sketchbook tees with graphics that are now sold out. the dinosaur and the bear, yeah! i also considered the velvet hot pants, but i wasn't sure how they'd look on my non alexa legged body, so i'm waiting to hear the feedback from the blogging world. let me know what, if anything, you all bought and how you like it.
and because i still can't help but miss the one that got away, anyone looking to sell an extra sketchbook dress, small or medium email me...


Claire said...

i'm going to go and invest in a tshirt and sharpie tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

awww hopefully the sketchbook dress will surface on ebay for a reasonable price for you one of these days.
can't wait to see your pieces on you. im sure they're amazing.


Michelle Elaine said...

i browsed it and im not sure any of it will look good on me :( i still want stuff, but i guess ill wait it out too