sienna and savannah

sav's leopard skirt & sienna's legs - to die for
the leopard mixed with jersey and acid wash - inspired
that low back - unreal
love these girls


3ate4 said...

I was just thinking what great legs she has, too!

Liv said...

They are the cuteness!

That green dress is fantastic. Okay, #486 on the never-ending fall shopping list: fantastic green dress.


Constança said...

They look amazing!


Stephanie said...

Sienna looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazingggggggggggggg.

mary said...

love love love. :)

Colleen said...

Love Sienna's dress. I also really like the Skins GIF you have in the corner! I'm really interested in seeing the US version of Skins when it comes out, but I doubt it can be as cool as the original