brown sugar

georgia may jagger for chanel resort
src. nitrolicious


Michelle Elaine said...

i wnat my hair to be more like hers - uugghh hair envy


Glamour Bbey. said...

Amazing pictures!

luxerubbish said...

ah, georgia may, those lips. she's a godly creature. anyway, i've been a long time lover of your blog (& i follow you on tumblr) but i just made a blogspot so i'm excited to follow you here too! haha, stay fab girl.


Stefani said...

Looove it!!She's beautiful!

Mystery Bruises said...

god georgia is so beautiful!
in love with this shoot!
and your blog! im following you now! so keep up the good stuff

mac and mac said...

ooh i hadn't seen this yet! I especially love the 3rd and 4th looks!

Fashion & DIY said...

lovely pictures!! thanks for sharing!

Amanda Lalique said...

wow she looks AMAZING in these photos but then again she is stunning!


Stephanie said...

Saw this ad series in W yesterday and thought of you ;)

too funny re: your comment! The title ended up being sort of a seperate comment to my "text" and what you mentioned was pretty much totally what i was referring to lol! I was like, isn't it ironic that they're dressed to the nines at a LAUNDROMAT?! LOL. great minds... ;)


¡oh ,blondes! said...

loveeeeeeeee georgiaaaaaa, like your blogg

CC said...

Love Georgia, she´s gorgeous.
Great blog! :)

LadyFLASHBACK said...

i spotted a couple of these photos in a magazine and thought-WOWZA,she looks amazing!

great post!

jess s//ladyflashback.com!

happy halloween!

Dominique said...

There's nothing better than Chanel. Wish I had the money..