nyc shops oct2010

Finally my nyc clothing haul. it was a little long for youtube because i decided to tack on a few recent purchases, so make sure you check out the second video! the only thing i really regret leaving behind was this rag and bone esmond jacket. so so pretty on, sigh.
the only other things to catch my eye were the willow frame bag and knit flare leggings from alexander wang but i'm very happy with what i decided to purchase.


Alexa said...

Amazing items :) the mulberry bag is incredible, and score on the Alexa shorts!

I've been meaning to get some cute pencil crayons to place in a mason jar on my desk. I think it'll be fun to make Christmas cards for people and actually just draw fun personal things on the covers.

I think it's good you held out on the flared Wang leggings.

PS. I want the J Brand cargos. SO BADLY. But the price is also deterring me. Ergh, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and make the purchase. Aritzia should have a customer appreciation event and give us a BIG fat discount.


Stephanie said...

LOVE the headband and tooo funny that the flowers aren't your ideal cause i rememember seeing Whitney P in one last fall and really wanting one and then at aldo accessories, i found a knotted one LOL! we should swap haha!!

such a GREAT belt! I totally agree: hard to find and it is so perfect! I
I've been trying to find one for ages at VV.

ummm i need to know about this LF store! that sweater is GREAT! so wang worthy!!

those shorts!! my colleague, who you'll meet next month was wearing a pair of velour shorts with tights today! love them!!

suede pumps are the best: i love suede shoes. and the ruffle is so sweet and the heel is TOTALLY walkable lol!

andddddddd the Leah ;) so gorgeous! the leather looks divine-- seriously! GREAT GREAT purchase!!

I'm so surprised about the cargos! Hélène has them too and they look amazing on her...i dont get it either! the pockets would make me think they'd be sooooo unflattering.

omggggggg that Pendleton!!!!!! Made for you!!! you know we can't access the UO site anymore in Qc because of the damn French laws?! so annoying for so many reasons!

Great vlogs, lady!! xx

Becky said...

Great buys, I need another NY shopping trip!

Love the Alexander Wang bag and leggings too.

Anonymous said...

I love those Alexa velvet shorts and that cropped sweater looks divine. The Pendleton is gorgeous, I'd love one but they're so expensive in the UK.

That Rag&Bone jacket is beautiful, and so practical looking.

mac and mac said...

loveeee the willow frame bag, SO MUCH! great picks

hélène said...

I always LOVE your haul videos, they make me so happy lol Great purchases in nyc, those velour shorts are seriously adorable and totally see how amazing they are with tights. And that Pendelton bag OMG!!! LOOOOOOVE it. The UO website has been down since last spring here in qc because of the language laws so we can't access it anymore :( Such a perfect traveling bag, especially since i like to pack light and do only carry-ons when i travel. And yeah the j brands, sooo amazing! I want to get more colors but they really are very pricey. Do u find yours to be a little loose though? I keep thinking to myself i should've maybe gotten a smaller size. But i am super happy with them, i wear them all the time!

Kasia W. said...

awesome bag!


Sana said...

amazing items especially the bag, i am a big shopping fan and i love shopping when i am traveling, this year i will be shopping from the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival 2011