major league

a quick post of what i'm actually wearing today! shocking. i'm usually so behind on my outfit shots, but i had to show my support for the dirty dozen. if you all don't care about baseball then scroll down for the outfit details, but those of you who do have love for the game keep reading.
**taken right after the brian wilson strike out to win the world series!
now i may be a blue jays fan through and through, but our toronto boys didn't make it to the big show, even with jose bautista's 50+ home runs this year. instead, i became engrossed in the heart and characters of the san fransisco giants, a team of cast-offs, misfits and rookies who left everything on the field and took home the world series yesterday. no one thought they would do it but in the spirit of that classic film major league these boys proved everyone wrong. so inspiring! thank you for an awesome post season boys, lincecum-urrrrribe-smiles-huff-freddiesanchez-beardo brian wilson-cody-buster-all the rest and the hero world series mvp veteran edgar renteria.
wearing: vintage san fran tee, citizens jeggings, club monaco boyfriend blazer, isabel marant boots, f21 ring


hélène said...

Gaaaaahh those boots!! SUCH a great buy, dayum. You look amazing Cindy, that blazer was made for you. And your last pic is hilarious lol right up my alley. Can't say that i'm a baseball fan, but i can certainly appreciate the social aspect that comes with watching the games. In that respect, i'm a total fan ;) hehe

Alexa said...

I love it! I watched the game with my boyfriend last night, and it was truly amazing. I love Linecum's quasi-rocker look. He could also be a Strokes bandmate!

Stephanie said...

LOL you're hilarious!! ADORE this look on you! the blazer, the jeggings, the tee and those bootsssssssssssssss :)))))) LOVE!!


lostceremony said...

!! I have that cm blazer! :) got it awhile ago on sale for 29.99 (YEAHH! :D). My mom even bought one. Really warm for the upcoming months :).

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Let me guess, you are a Giant fan?


lydiajoy said...


I, myself, am a Rangers fan, but I gotta hand it to 'em.. SF played great! Gotta be proud of both teams. :D

I LOOOVE the boots, girl!


What is Reality Anyway? said...