the last of 2010 - vintage ♥

after weeks of zero blogging motivation the sudden realization that i have numerous "2010" outfits still to post and it's dawning on 2011 is kicking my o.c.d. into gear. now there's no way i can post them all today, to start fresh in the new year, but you will get one a day until they're done, so yeah! for new material. this look is beyond old, maybe mid-october? i finally figured out that the perfect companion to my vintage betsey johnson floral shorts is a loose cropped top. i adore the heart knit on this piece and that it's from the brand, pelican cove. i remember my sister shopping there when i was little, but it was closed down by the time i got old enough to wear their stuff. in fact, it seams the whole outfit is vintage :) love that. i also tossed in a mirror shot for old times sake.
leather jacket, shorts, sweater, boots all vintage, 2007 balenciaga step and my mom's old omega watch.


Stephanie said...

hi lady!! thanks for the comment-- it;s true, the ombré effect is better/more visible in the warm sun ;)

I love this look! it's so in tune with your inherent style. that bag. swoooooooooooon. those boots and betsey johnson booties?! oh my. and that top! I found two awesome cropped knits- one thicker and one crochet at h&m here but left them behind. i am not in the mood to shop here and wasn't sure i'd love them long enough to make them worth the purchase. BUT get this! you know that marc by marc parka Caroline has/wears? I've loved it for months...but gave up on it cause of the price tag. then, after semi forgetting about it, i found it here. the last one in my size reduced to a RIDICULOUS price, making it a must-buy. can't believe it!
anuyways, it's so unusually cold her (like 7 with crazy wind yesterday) that i actually wore it! there's a post slated for today featuring it ;) i have a feeling you'll approve ;)

that said...we're flying a helicopter into the Grand Canyon today!! I thought of you immediately when we booked it! i feel like it's the kind of thing you'd be up for doing. it's just gonna be my brother (the one im closest with), his gf and i cause my parents have already been and my other brother and his wife bailed. It's supposed to be freezing in the canyon (there mgiht even be snow) so that should be interesting lol! but can't wait to tell you about it!

ok, this comment might as well be an email! Sorry!
Happy New Year's lady! can;t wait to see more TNS posts in 2011 and looking forward to hopefully meeting up again ;) xx lots of love and i hope you have a great day!

Stephanie said...

just kiddinggggggg - i meany Betsey shorts ;) xx (my ocd abt typos made me post that edit lol) ;)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great outfit dear! Happy new year xx

Fashion Agony said...

Love this look!
Happy New Year!

J. said...

GReat look! and the top is to die for! So cute!