my favourite purchase of 2010 - isabel marant lacow boots

this might just be my favourite outfit of the whole year. all the major elements also happen to be purchased in 2010. you may recognize this set because i got my head shot for loulou magazine from it. there was such pretty lighting on my porch that afternoon. i wore this for one of my favourite lazy day activities book shopping/starbucks lounging. i've probably spent more on books than clothing since i got back from nyc, i need an intervention! jj. i like buying books you can't stop me..;)
seeing these pictures makes me ache for winter to be over so i can wear my marants again ...the world's best shoe... sigh* and my best purchase of the year.
sweater: lf stores, skirt: victoria's secret pink, socks: h&m, shoes: isabel marant, bag: mulberry leah, ring: free people, necklaces: tiffany's and etsy


Becky said...

Gorgeous! They look so comfortable too!

Glamour Bbey. said...

They look great!!

Liv said...

Love! You look gorgeous in plummy shades!

Happy New Year, Cindy! Wishing you all the good stuff!xx

Stephanie said...

I think they're my favourite 2010 purchase of yours too ;) though the Mulberry Leah is a close contender!
I CAN'T believe that skirt is VS Pink!! This outfit is so awesome-- chic and casual at it's best + your hair looks amazing :)


nikki said...

looove the boots!