mossy glossy - day and night

i don't even know what to say...
the girl has it, day or night.
i can't even imagine a day when i won't want to wear everything she wears.
if it ever happens, it will be heartbreak.

p.s. this is my 1000th post, whoohoo! thanks to all my lovelies for the support.
p.p.s buy the new adele album. 21 is epic/gut wrenching/beautiful & absolutely necessary.


Stephanie said...

Rolling in the deep is my fave song on the album. I posted the video a while back-- great minds ;)

love her hat!!!! and the envelope clutch. she's such a cutie in these snaps!

congrats on 1,000 ;)


Marie a la Mode said...

Love Kate's style. She can do no wrong. Congrats on your 1000th post! That's amazing!

Fashion By He said...

gorgeous post, cool blog

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Fashion by He

match.box.muse said...

love love kate! gorgeous photos and congrats on your 1000 post omg!! your blog is amazing :) maybe we could follow each other if you like!

love from paris, M