longing for sunny days

can't it get a bit brighter so i can wear my new oversized wayferers and my spy flynns?
how about some of the shades above?
blondie, mandy moore and reece solomon


Fashion Agony said...

Great shots, thanks for inspiration.
I just bought Wayfarers too, so I can't wait to wear them when its sunny :)

Stephanie said...

UGh. im so over this weather! Tell me about it!


hélène said...

Never been more over winter than this year. I seriously don't remember a time in my life when i've been more fed up of the cold season.

OH! And i've been meaning to tell you: I work at a restaurant on weekends and i was talking with my busboy (he's from Toronto) and i don't know how exactly the conversation got there, but basically he was telling me he used to work at a place on Queen street W. and turns out it was where you work! lol so i was like, oh i kind of know someone who works there (ie you) and he was like, yes of course, Cindy! She's a cool girl! Anyway, the person in question is Paul. I thought it was soooo random and had to mention it. Shows what a small world we live in.


Marielle* said...

great pictures!

i'm following, please follow me too xxx

20 York Street said...

GAH! Winter and cold...brrr!

I love the shot of Mandy Moore and I need me some cool wayfarers!



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