lara stone in black and white

the recent ck campaign has some amazing imagery. no doubt due to it's stellar cast: barbera, abbey lee, yuri, ruby a. et. all, but for me the stand out is lara stone (i ♥ the midriff flash and the abbey push ;) she's incredibly sexy and at the same time she does the grunge thing so well. she has this effortlessness. it's authentic and because of that, she reminds me of kate when she was modeling for calvin. great attitude.
she's also unbelievably stunning/retro lovely on her spring/summer 2011 cover of self service, shot by alasdair mclellan. this danish beauty is so versatile, so much more then just curves or a gap toothed smile.
btw. do you think the rumors are true that she has recently fixed her gap?

src. cartoonstyles, theblondejournal


Stephanie said...

didn't hear those rumours!

but love this series! thanks for posting lady!! i also love your recap on why you adore her ;) you're so cute i can picture you saying all of this !

how are youuuuuuuuu?!
hélène and i are bloody freezing in mtl and fed up of winter which seems like it's never ending! it's -24 today! WTF?!!!


j'ai faime pour couture said...

loooove looove loooove! the first picture is gorgeous.
and great screen shots!

Stephanie said...

LOVNg all of your TNL posts, lady!!! Alexa looks gorgeous: those LV's are absolutely to die for!!!


Eda said...

Omg she is so lovely!
I really love your blog.
Now I'm following you.


Stephanie said...

Just saw your Essie post on TNL (i'm like a broken comment record on here lol cause i can't figure out how to comment on tumblrs) anwyays: i've tried Smooth Sailing and currently it's a fave shade!! it;s like a slightly shimmering, matte-ish blueish lilac. gorgeous! goes hand in hand with another current fave, pastel lilac by MAC...dont have the name on me right now but it's amazing! you'd love it for sure ;)


NouvelleMarcelle said...

So obsessed. I didn't think it was possible but they are more beutiful in motion.
Love your blog!