my favourite emmy looks.
 lena headey a.k.a. queen cersei in the most gorgeous black gown (which has a killer sheer back, but alas no good pictures) and pink heels. if you know the designer do tell...
runner up goes to nina dobrev in donna karen, stunning and for once nina doesn't look too old. 
huge smiles for my coach, kyle chandler's win, it's about time fnl got some love. friday night lights forever. 
src. justjared and suicide blonde 


I V Y said...

nina dobrev. speechless.

xo zebra and meerkat

stephanie said...

OMG Nina looked amazing, eh?!! GORGEOUS!! so elegant. LOVE!

How've you been, pretty?!


stephanie said...

and how could i FORGET the FNL mention?!! I am obsessed w that show! I need to get more seasons! and the pics of Minka and Kyle on your tumblr are ADORABLE!!! ;)