the best 9$ ever spent

so addicted to these h&m striped shorts...
i picked them up late night shopping at the forum shops in vegas in april and wore them all summer long (kid rock shout out). so comfy, sweet looking, versatile and only 9$, what more could you want. i wore them two ways on this particular day, here's look one paired with my levis oversized denim and my favourite zara leopard loafers, which of course destroy my poor feet. ah well everything can't be as perfect as these shorts.
stay tuned for the second variation tonight.
wearing: h&m shorts, vintage belt and jacket, zara tee and shoes, rayban oversized wayferer, asos necklace


Moni said...


Paige said...

I love the texture of the buildings in the background of these photos, and your loafers...suuupa cute :)

Stephanie said...

Ahhhhhhhh the amazing TO backstreets!! Love them! so perfect for photo opps and just overall charming!!

Such a great purchase and i so know how yoy feel. I have LITERALLY been living in my Zara jeans LOL. it
s ridic.

damn zara shoes made for super narrow elegant feet which aren't anything near mine! I can never buy any of their flats.

re: KnightCat. no idea. I hope she's ok and would never want to overlook that kind of a scenario, but i mean maybe she just needs a time out. the amount of times i've thought of calling it day spontaneously lol ;)

how are you holding up sans your man?!


Stephanie said...

You're adorable!!! love the second to last shot and the red with the blue stripes! such a great look!

Hopefully the TO weather is gonna be as nice as it is here this w/e: 25 today!! and you can wear em some more before we're forced into endless outerwear :( booo.

Happy THanksgiving doll!! xx