the best 9$ ever spent - part 2

part 2 of my h&m shorts love
dressed up a tad with some awesome red swedish hasbeens for h&m sandals, that the brand was kind enough to send me. they are so fun and easy to walk in. also, i'm sporting one of my other obsessions the long sleeved tee, they're going to need their own drawer soon...
ps. i went to topshop's canadian opening today and i was in heaven. big store, lots of sold out stock from the website and for once us canadians weren't gouged on the pricing. win/win. i'll show you guys what i picked up soon.
wearing: zara tee, h&m shorts and sandals, asos necklace, rayban over sized wayferer, vintage belt


breastfeedingstyle said...

Lovin the swedish hasbeens with the shorts! No fair you having so much sun in october, I'm totally into the opaque tights for fall now,bare legged days are over in ireland til at least may 2012! Is it just me or are all zara shoes uncomfortable (like your leopard loafers), they look so good but I can never walk in them for long, end up giving them away.

jellofer said...

Hey Cindy!

It's Jennifer :) It was great meeting you at the Topshop opening the other day, I actually went back today and picked up a pair of boots that I was eyeing that day. Lucky for me there was 1 pair left and it was in my size!