on the road - day 10 swamping

so this isn't really a fashion post, but i had to share with you the amazing experience i had on the cajun pride swamp tour. it's located just a half hour from new orleans on a protected part of the louisiana bayou that is teaming with alligators. in fact, before we even got on the water we saw the beast featured in this famous youtube video "cat vs. gator" luckily he stayed in the water because the kitty from the video was napping that morning. once on the water, our guide alan, told us all about the swamp, plant life, wildlife and the history of the area and the cajun people. all the while he was drawing the alligators and an adorable family of raccoons to the boat with the sound of his voice and marshmallows! the biggest gator in the area queeny wouldn't come out because it was to windy/cool in her part of the bayou, but he did feed the biggest male, a 100 yrd old, over 10 foot dinosaur! finally, at the end of the tour we all got to hold a 3 year old female gator (they grow a lot slower in the wild). she was so cute and the highlight of an incredible tour. i highly recommend the company if you're in the new orleans area.

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