put a ring on it

dainty, sparkly, whimsical rings are so darling
i'm always on the lookout for ones that can be layered, worn above the knuckle or on the pinkie...
the heart ring in the first image above is a new purchase from nashville, great for the pinky or above the knuckle on the middle or pointer finger.
the middle shots are some gorgeous inspiration i found on tumblr.
the diamond ring and oval shaped outline on the left are my favourites, but i love the emerald and the swallow pieces on the right too (my favourite gem stone and i'm obsessed with animal imagery).
finally the last shot has my current rotation of silver rings. from top to bottom: vintage child's thunderbird trade ring, tiffany silver heart, "wild hearts can't be broken" inscribed band from etsy, zuni tourquise ring i got in utah, brand new floral above the knuckle ring i just bought in nashville and my pamela love talon.

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Stephanie said...

the heart ring looks great on you!! Im so tempted to get one but feel like it would look so cheesy on me...anyways! you wear rings great :)!