90's slumber party baby

i recently styled a super fun 90's slumber party shoot for the online magazine lolita. over the few weeks i'm going to take you through the mood boards i created for the 4 girls individual looks; grunge goddess, tomboy next door, queen b and boho princess, including the hair/make up, the clothes and the inspiration behind each character. after the shoot launches on the magazine, i'll reveal the final product of a crazy day eating junk food, re-enacting titanic, pillow fighting and dancing to my never ending 90's playlist. the images above are to get you in the 90's teen dream mindset and give you just a taste of what to expect, enjoy.
check out the article i wrote for lolita on one of the first albums to change my life "(what's the story) morning glory" by oasis
Wonderwall by Oasis/oasis on Grooveshark

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