the sleepover friends - queen b.

queen b - inspiration
queen b. the rich girl with a devil streak. she may be worshiped or even a little feared, but to her friends she's their loyal, fearless leader and they see beyond her sexy, aloof exterior. she likes her boys tall, dark, handsome and just a little bad - think dylan mckay, brad pitt and jake ryan. queen b. likes a challenge and she always gets what she wants - think audrey horne, corey mason, spencer hastings.
queen b - wardrobe
queen b.'s sleepover wardrobe includes, silky slips and rompers, satin robes, menswear inspired pjs, soft angora sweaters, luxury inspired graphic tees and sweats, bow headbands, velvet, sheer tights and anything sophisticated sexy.
queen b - hair and make up
queen b.'s hair is glossy and a little blown out, held back with a headband or in a half up style. her make up is clean skin, with a defined eye and muted red lip. she wears classic nail polish colours or maybe a metallic gold as she does like a little sparkle.

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