the rain before the snow

so it's suppose to snow tonight so i decided to get in one more dress before winter forces me to bundle up. i chose this cozy organic cotton dress and leggings combo for a day of baking banana bread, dancing to alicia keys and timberland, shopping and scrap booking. i had to return a top at urban outfitters and i ended up finally finding a wallet to replace my dirty white canvas billabong one. i also picked up a rhinestone studded vest. i went to h&m to try and find a top i wanted yesterday that was sold out. it turns out they didn't have it either but i got a bow belt and headband as well as a sequin skirt. everything was really well priced which is making me think maybe stores are starting to put their prices down due to the high canadian dollar.

cardigan: h&m
dress: h&m
leggings: t&a
socks: h&m
boots: ebay vintage guess

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