tear, cut, paste

i love making scrap books. i make them for vacation photos, as a diary and for fashion ideas. i create fashion scrapbooks by tearing pictures i find inspiring out of magazines. they could be specific items i love, styling ideas, cool photo shoots, designer information etc. it's something i have been doing since i was in high school and considering i buy at least 2-3 magazines a week i've collected a lot of tears. once i cut out the part of the magazine pages i want to keep i organize them into categories like dresses, handbags, outfits, beauty, it girls etc. there are specific girls whose style i always admire. they are kate moss, sienna miller, keira knightley, rachel bilson and kirsten dunst. these girls get whole pages just for them. the most tedious parts are the trimming of the photos but it's worth it to have a collection of images you can turn to for instant inspiration. plus, it allows me to recycle my magazines instead of holding on to them all because there's a cute dress on page 136. after i'm done pasting the pics in my books i like to write blurbs about what made me tear out the pics in the first place. unfortunately i usually don't get that far as it's too time consuming. below are some examples of pages from my scrap books. my diary scrapbook is a little different. in it i put tears about travel, beauty, decor, music, books etc. as well as blurbs about what's going on in my life. below are two examples of pictures from my diary. the first is an example of a roman wedding band. it is exactly what i want if i get married. the second is a cute pic of two of my fav. actors alexis bledel and milo ventimiglia that i included when i wrote about the demise of their relationship.

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kadriye said...

I also make scriptbook about fashion. It is good to see not only I'm making it. I feel like "alien".