coloured nails in your coffin

i'm a big fan of painted nails, toes and fingers, but ever since the calamari plate incident of april 2007 my toes haven't exactly been cute enough to draw attention to. the aforementioned plate separated my toe from my toenail and it's only half grown back, ewe. enough gross stuff, it just means i'm paying more attention to my fingernails by painting them bright fun colours. blues, purples, oranges, even black i have every colour except green. as i sit here writing this watching old episodes of buffy on dvd my nails are a nyc dusty purple with a mirror finish topcoat. my favourite polishes are by rimmel and flare and i love the sally hansen complete care treatment and their mega shine topcoat. i wear the torrid dark purple rimmel polish the most and rimmel shocker matches the star tattoo on my foot.

on a side note, sarah michelle geller was so cute on buffy. great clothes. it's amazes me when you watch tv shows that were aired a few years ago how much fashion has changed. for instance buffy in this episode is wearing a below the knee high waisted skirt with side slits. now that sounds kind of horrid but i had one just like it when i was in high school.

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