said the owl, nevermind

channeling a little cobain here with my buffalo check hoodie and sneeks. this outfit is effortless, comfortable and filled with elements that love. obviously the plaid plus the owl print and the pinecone charm on my bracelet representing that forest imagery again. the gold bracelet from my childhood and the vintage locket shows my love for things with history as well as my devotion to vintage shopping. i think vintage shopping, like thrifting, is a modern day treasure hunt. only there can you find amazing workmanship and unique pieces without breaking the bank. luckly toronto and the surrounding area has great vintage stops and if you get bored of those there's always ebay. even though it takes a lot of time to find those great pieces to me that's part of the allure. you take pride in the things you work for.

hoodie: urban outfitters
t-shirt: urban outfitters
jeans: levis
shoes: nike court force
locket: vintage
bracelet: vintage
charm: urban outfitters

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