winter wonderland

last night it snow stormed for the first time this winter. the whole city was blanketed in white fluff. it was so pretty and makes me feel alive and connected with things. big snowfalls are one of my favourite things along with the things listed below.

this is my baby guitar. she's an acoustic cherry red beaver creek travel guitar with an electric pic up. i named her cinnamon. she was my birthday present this year. i've been trying to learn to play but i haven't quite mastered it yet. soon i hope to be playing along to all my fav. songs i'm sure.

these next two pics are of my tear frames. these are in my living room and i frame up cool pictures that i come across from magazines. they're easy to change out whenever i get bored or get inspired by something. right now i have a four set on sienna miller from an amazing esquire magazine photoshoot and some retro bruce springsteen photos. they are two of my favourtie and inspiring people, plus these images are so engaging.

these images are focused around some ethereal pics of kate moss. my favourite is the star image on the bottom center because she's smiling and that one and the one above it look so in the moment and not forced.

this is my first designer bag. it's a marc by marc jacobs bag that i got for my birthday last year. i wanted a marc bag for so long as i love their quality, whimsical details and how they aren't crazy expensive. i looked at so many different styles before i settled on this one. it's the perfect day bag. it's big enough to hold everything and a magazine plus it has lots of compartments so you can always find what you're looking for.

i love the hardware and the graffiti print lining. i chose black because it's a great neutral but you can easily punch it up with a scarf or charm if you wanted to give it more personality. i think if i had a couple nice bags i might have picked to blue version of this bag but for my first big purchase i had to go for practicality. i'm hoping to get another marc bag in the next few months either for christmas or when i go to new york to add to my budding bag collection that includes this marc and my mulberry brooke. ideally i'd like to collect a miu miu, a balenciaga, a chanel and a luella as well, but i've got to start making the big bucks first.

finally these are my new nike court force kicks. i first saw these at an urban outfitters in buffalo. i wanted them so badly but they only had big men's sizes. i looked online for them and still could not find a pair in my size as they were sold out everywhere. i loved the flannel buffalo plaid on the back of them and just had to have them luckily i finally found my size at dazone. these are my first nike's since 8th grade and totally go against my strict only white converse high tops and white adidas with black stripe shell toe running shoe rules but they're worth it.

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