nov. 21 unzipped

here's the 2nd part of my nov.21 outfit. the first time i wore this i didn't have the skirt on with it but for work it's a bit too revealing as a dress. i also added the sweater because it's so cold here now that a little shirt dress just doesn't cut it. i really don't have much else to say about this look and i have to leave for work so i guess that's it for now. more interesting posts to follow i promise.

sweater: winners
dress: levis
skirt: aritzia
tights: wal-mart
boots: frye


Stephanie said...

7:00am- deliriously tired- got up early because its monday and theres a freezing rain storm. Didnt want to be late for work. Eating breakfast looking at your post: OMGOSH I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!!!! I adore the first pic and love the complete look at the bottom: so great!

I hope you aren't feeling too h/over today ;-) I would totally fall in those heels after a night out as well- even if I didnt drink that much- they are so high I think my knees would just give in and snap*!lol.

Where's alex boy going? I know Ian's going to Thailand (btw i have an insane crush on that boy ;-)) cause I read it in your post a while back. MY eyes must have been so "ian-centric" (lol) that I missed the part where you mentioned Alex boy was also leaving.

Cindy said...

alex is moving to france for about 2 months, ian might be leaving forever as he'll be gone for 6 months and if things go well he might stay in london. that will suck but at least then i'll know someone there.

Stephanie said...

Oh France- so fun! I was born in Lyon. I've only been back once though ;-(

London is an amazing city to know someone! I've never been but my bf is currently living and studying there and I'm supposed to visit her next summer. I think it's a city would have to live in though to get the real experience. I feel like a vacation there would just be so overwhelming- there would be sooo much I'd want to do, and esp. with the current $ not everything is feasible :-/

I feel like you would LOVE London what with your favourite girl being from there! I look forward to hearing all about your eventual travels there...along with you your US roadtrip ;-)

Stephanie said...

haha- just re-reading my post: "bf"= best friend. I figured the bf followed by the female conjugation might leave you a little confused!